CALENDER OF EVENTS (all events held at the clubhouse)
March 1: …..  NAMI “Fun Night”, 7-8:30PM
March 10: …  NAMI Family Support Group, 7-9PM
March 13: …  Daylight Savings Time Starts
March 16: …. CWHOA Mtg., 4PM 
March 23: …..CWCA Mtg., 4PM
March 27: …. HAPPY EASTER!!!  

February 2016 Meeting Synopsis


  • Tree removal and trimming is on-going as weather permits
  • Property lighting is being and updated
  • Cul-de-sac drainage improvement will be explored
  • Handicap ramp and bathroom at the clubhouse was not approved
  • Landscape chemical contract with Spring Green was approved
  • Jim Schmidt was hired for maintenance


Spring Yard Waste Pick Up Dates — Monday, April 4 & 18

If you live in one of the townhomes, duplexes, or individual homes put your yard waste bags curbside by 8a.m. for pick up on April 4 and 18.

If you live on Phoenix Dr. the City should be by to pick it up.  If you live in the smaller cul-de-sacs have  it curbside and we will bring it to the clubhouse for pick up since the City won’t go into these areas.  Call the clubhouse if you have questions.


It’s Time to Spring Ahead

Daylight Savings Time officially begins at 2a.m. on Sunday March 13 so on Saturday, March 12 before you go to bed remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour.

It’s also a good idea to change your smoke detector batteries at this time.


Attention All Dog Owners 

With the walkways being clear we are seeing a lot of dog walkers as we sit in the Clubhouse.   A reminder to keep your pets on a leash and most definitely clean up after them.   Help keep our walkways and common areas clean for everyone.   Nobody wants to step in something that should have been picked up. 

If you see someone not picking up after their dog please let the office know.   You may not know the person but if you could describe the dog to us we may know who the owner is and we will contact them.  Not cleaning up can lead to a fine!

Also, don’t forget to stop by the clubhouse to register your pet (cat or dog) if you have not done so. 


New Maintenance Man on Board at Colony West

We are pleased to introduce Jim Schmidt as our new maintenance man here at Colony West. 

Jim also works at County Market and in his spare time enjoys doing projects around his house. 

Say “hi” to Jim as he is out and about.  He is excited to be here and eager to help out.


Owner and Renter Contact Information Requested 

Whether you are an owner or a renter here at Colony West hopefully you have stopped by the clubhouse office for a quick orientation and to provide us with contact information should we ever need to get ahold of you.  If you have not done so, please do so.

If your phone number, email, vehicle, roommates, etc. have changed please let us know that as well.  Sometimes we need to get ahold of someone in a particular unit and it makes it difficult if we don’t have accurate information. In this case a phone call will suffice.   With 266 units on property and tenants always moving in and out it’s helpful to know who’s coming and going.


Cards Anyone?

We have been asked to see if there is any interest in a group playing cards at the clubhouse?

It could probably be anytime and a game has not yet been decided (Euchre, Rummy, Bunco, Poker, etc.)

If interested call the office and let us know what days/times work best for you.   If there is enough interest we’ll get something going.


Book the Clubhouse for your Gathering 

If you live at Colony West you can rent the upstairs room at the clubhouse for your next party.   We provide the tables and chairs, you supply the food, fun and decorations!  You can invite up to 40 friends and leave the stress of space behind.   We request a $75 rental fee and a $200 refundable deposit that is returned to you if it is determined that you did the proper clean-up required.  Call the office to check availability or stop in and book now.


Condo Stairwell Lights Out?

If you notice any of the inside or outside lights out in your building let us know in the office by calling 359-3405 and leaving and message.   Please include your name, the building number and exactly which floor the lights are out  and we will get on it the next day.

If you contact us during the day we cannot guarantee we will get to it that day as our maintenance person has already been assigned duties for the day and he leaves at 2, leaving us no one to tend to your request.  We are finding that sometimes it’s more than a burned out bulb and in instances like these it may take an extra day or two.   We drive by at night but cannot always tell which floors have non-working lights so your help is greatly appreciated.


Smoking at Colony West  

While this activity is a choice each person makes, you do not have a choice in disposing of the cigarette butts.   These are unsightly and are not to be thrown on the ground!   Please dispose of them in the trash after they have been properly put out.   Littering on the common grounds is cause for a fine.

Also,  for those of you that live in the stacked condo units, please be mindful that the ventilation is shared among all the units and your smoking travels to other units.  Please consider venting a window or smoking outside when you are able to be considerate of your neighbors.


Reasonable rates for:

Plumbing/Electrical/Carpentry/Finishing/ Appliances and Electronic Repair
Call Scott Hough at 217-714-2994



Colony West is asking that ALL pets be registered at the office.  Champaign County Animal Control requires that all owners of dogs and cats over the age of 4 months obtain a rabies vaccination for said animal and a county rabies tag through registration with Animal Control.

We are asking ALL cat and dog owners to supply the Colony West office with your pet's county registration number.   If your pet is not registered with the county you will need to do that first, usually at your vet's office.  Most registrations are for 1 or 3 years.   If the pet is not registered we will ask that you remove it from Colony West.  

You can stop by the office, call us, or e-mail u at with the following information:

  • Your address
  • Pet's name
  • Type of pet (dog/cat)
  • Rabies tag#, year issued and 
  • Length of tag (1 or 3 year)

Being a pet owner is a privilege;please take responsibility for your pets’ actions.  All pet waste must be cleaned up immediately, both in the commons and in fenced in areas.


Resolution pertaining to Pets.

A) Residents owning pets will assume full responsibility for personal injuries or property damage caused by the pet and each pet owner indemnifies Colony West Association, Board of Directors, and Management and holds it harmless against any loss, claim or liability of any kind or character whatsoever arising from, or growing out of the privilege of having a pet at Colony West.
B) Owner’s patio and or yard must be kept clean of dropping so that animal odor does not offend neighbors and attract insects at all times.
C) There can be no more than two (2) pets per unit, per City ordinance.
D) All Colony West pet owners must follow all Champaign County Animal Control Ordinance concerning pets on leashes and the proper disposal of pet waste immediately. No tethering or leaving pets outside of your unit unattended at any time.
E) It is a requirement that all pet owners register their pets with the office.  Any pet not so registered will be considered a non-resident and will be remanded to the Champaign City Animal Control.  Those who fail to register their pet will be fined. 
F) Fines will be levied for any violation of pet policy per Policy & Procedure Resolution F4, see Colony West Website, 
G) The Colony West Homeowners Board of Directors has the authority to demand an owner permanently remove any pet from the property which is in violation of the property’s rules and regulations.

Fine Schedule:

Pet Registration:    $50.00
Pet clean up, for each offense:      $50.00
Leash law, for each offense:          $50.00